DJ Nataliia has played in numerous venues in Bulgaria and Ukraine, including clubs, beach bars, cafes, restaurants, local fairs and events.

Thanks to her positive attitude, perfectionism and model looks Nataliia reaches success in everything she does. English teacher, who compiled her own textbooks, she leaves everything behind and joins the Royal Carribean International team on the second biggest ship in the world, where she becomes a Teen Counsellor. Surprisingly one of her everyday duties is to host and play music for teen parties. So she asks a local DJ to show her how to use a DJ controller and starts playing music, not from a laptop, but using a real DJ gear and light effects. She falls in love with the energy of the dancefloor, with the power of music and it’s ability to rule people’s mood. Dj Nataliia also starts to warm up for crew parties few days a week and gets a lot of positive feedback from colleagues and management. After finishing her contract, she enters Prodj School to upgrade her skills and knowledge.

Her favourite music includes Commercial, Deep, Tropical House and Lounge. She is also in love with the music of the 90s and early 2000s and loves to include remixes of old hits to her sets. Dj Nataliia would describe her music as groovy and deep, yet positive and joyful, the kind of music that will make you want to dance and smile. She feels the mood of the crowd and shares her vital energy willingly