Kdun is musical performer based in Dubai. As a self-taught Drummer and percussionist, he is passionate about exploring new rhythms and melodies. In 2011 he discovered the HANGDRUM, a unique instrument with enchanting and haunting acoustics.

The HANGDRUM is a unique instrument shaped like a pan. It is generally played with the hands and fingers instead of mallets.
It can sound like a harp, bells, or a harmonically tuned instrument.

Kdun is one of a very small number of accomplished hang-drum players. He is the first in the world to create a new genre of music on the hang drum which integrates modern styles and rhythms with culturally themed melodies on both traditional and contemporary instruments.

One of a new breed of 21st century world  musicians playing original tracks that are self composed and produced, K-dun’s  latest musical endeavor reflects his collaboration with musicians from more than 13 countries, invited or residing in the cosmopolitan musical incubator of Dubai where his ambitious global project has culminated in the album ‘City Vibes’.

Playing the HANGDRUM  as a soloist allows for a diverse format of performance. K-dun is accompanied by the programmed & electronic music of differing styles. His latest solo performances have included large celebrity & VIP Parties, festivals and other corporate or charitable events. His sophisticated use of technology within his performances enhance the unique nature of his musical style whether is performs alone or with other artists.

His passion for the HANGDRUM, hard work and desire to create has given him the chance to share his music through a variety of formats. He has played many International, multicultural events across the Menasa region and Europe, bringing his unique vibe and cultural diversity through music to an ever increasing and appreciative audience regardless of age.

E-PanThe First in the Middle East. This contemporary version of the HANGDRUM allows for a genre of music that is digitally generated. Any sound or instrument can be triggered by the e-pan. Imagine hundreds of different sounds that you can apply endless effects on. Make a beat, loop it and start improvising endless melodies & harmonies.

The e-pan is controlled by his iPad in real time. Any song can be created or modified spontaneously throughout his performance. This allows Kdun to absorb the vibe from the audience and create a unique musical experience that reflects the moment.