Mitra is an international Hula-Hoop sensation; performer, teacher and coach.
With over 9 years of performance experience Mitras’ driver is her passion to spread empowerment through her internal light.

She conducts a wide-variety of multi-hoop skills inspired by native american hoop dance and sufi-dance.

Together with acrobatics and dance this is a unique expression, an experience for all the senses to be amazed.

Want to be blown away like those at Burning Man, David Guettas and Cirque du Soleils’ private parties? Come and see Mitra performing, most Fridays, at Sunset Ashram, Cala Comte with Bahramji, about 30 minutes after sunset.

Mitra’s entertainment meny:
-LED show with multi hula hoops, pixel/LED -poi where we can program in your logos ore wishes of imagen. LED-Isis wings.
-FIRE and PYROTECHNICS show with multi hula hoops, poi, fire eating.
-Stilt walking in elegant, luxurious costumes.