RITUAL is a team of ‘Magic Designers’ based in Ibiza creating unique events and
performances for festivals, corporate and private events around the world. The team consists of a variety of artists and technicians with diverse talents; together we form a think tank capable of producing creative content that has the rare honour of being considered both modern and ancient.
A fusion of art, theatre, modern dance, improvisation and cutting edge technology that has an intention, an element of the ceremonial, a story. A message. This collective of
inspiring & creative individuals from all walks of life are co-creating to make dreams a reality.

1. Full Event Solutions
Complete creative production
services from conceptualisation to
execution including music, design, decor, bespoke entertainment,
performances and immersive

2. Bespoke Performances
& Shows
Creating unique tailor made shows combining elements of dance,
performances, circus, visuals,
special effects, lighting and
a whole lot of magic.