Ibizan Flamenco band founded in 2007 by the percussionist Luis de las Heras, from Madrid. ​They offer an elegant, professional, young and modern flamenco keeping up the origins and roots of flamenco music.

This Flamenco bands adds shades of afrocuban rhythms connecting with lyrics, patterns and styles from the other side of the Atlantic. Adapting perfectly to the conditions and surroundings of each event, they’re eager to fill the audience with enthusiasm for flamenco wherever possible.

With a large variety of sets the band is perfectly prepared to suit shows and events whether festive or formal, whether public, like in restaurants, open air or in beach-clubs or private like weddings, anniversaries or formal ceremonies. In short, a musical live-event that will touch and move the audience.

Flamenco can also include dancing into its actuation’s if required. Artists like Jesús Olmedo has been cooperating with the band since its early beginnings. They guarantee the best sound quality and staging thanks to their own technical equipment and lights and the experience and training in sound engineering.

The musical repertoire consists of:

Typical flamenco-rhythms (“palos”) like bulerías, tangos, fandangos, rumbas, alegrías, sevillanas, taranta, etc. with lyrics from famous singers like Camarón.

Typical afrocuban compositions, like boleros and coplas, fusioned with flamenco.

Selected works from great flamenco guitar composers.