From the kids to the kings!
Sherif has been fortunate enough to perform in hundreds of shows and events in many countries in front of hundreds of thousands of human beings from all backgrounds who share one love of peace and unity.

Sherif is an Egyptian multi-instrumentalist, world musician, TEDx speaker, Arab’s Got Talent finalist and a desert soul who has been over 4000 hours diving under the waters of the Red Sea. He has a deep sense of consciousness and spiritual harmonic approach in composing his music which is mainly focused around the “HandPan”.

“Handpan” is an extremely beautiful and mesmerising handmade instrument that was just invented in 2001 in Bern, Switzerland by a company called PANArt and their instruments exclusively called “Hang”

It’s two glued steel domes that emit both drum-like rhythms and delicate harmonies. As you gently tap the tone fields on the shells with your fingers, a vibration forms and a production of peaceful sounds illuminate; leaving one’s heart, mind and soul thirsty for more magic to move to the intimate sounds.

Quality handpan needs lots of patience to acquire, it will most probably take years to have it due to the rapidly growing demand and the long and sophisticated processes of shaping, treating, and tuning them with an average of most quality makers produce 1 piece every week.