Born and raised skateboarding the streets of Southern California, DJ and producer Floduxe made his entrance into the EDM music scene in 2016. Featured on the Billboard Top 50 Dance Charts and with multiplatinum success racking up millions of streams on Spotify, he has quickly made a name for himself. Merging multiple genres into his own brand of Tropical Pop or “Tropipop”, his years of experience with Hip-Hop and Pop production and multifaceted songwriting and instrumental capabilities have come together to form a truly one of a kind sound. His passion for a summertime lifestyle forms a clear and strong theme in his music. Big drops with upbeat melodies and catchy top lines mixed with an array of talented vocalists and lyrics make it easy to catch his contagious vibe and immerse yourself in the music and good times.

His mission to mix his love of travel and music has brought him on tour to destinations around the world and his love of culture and people has kept him coming back. With a captivating stage presence and infectious personality, Floduxe is known for getting the party started and bringing people together to make them feel like a part of the music, rather than just a part of the crowd.