Coming from the family of professional musicians, she showed love to the music at the age of six. Her father is a
well-known drummer, and he transmitted his passion for the music to his daughter. She has an artist blood running in her veins. During her adolenscence, she lived under musical influence of her father, listening to his performances, great jazz music and a lot of classical opera. 
She started her career in 2005, studying classic guitar with privat teacher, and then continuing her study in Dankevich Odessa State Musical College in 2008.
During those years she was also a student of a very famous and Great singer teacher.
She showed her talent immediately, starting to work soon with a lot of bands, that liked her both: as a singer and as a guitarist too. 
Her sweet way to use her voice is connected to her soul. She always gives her interpretation to the songs, with the expression of her face, with her eyes, with her heart. 
She had many collaborations with Jazz, Pop Bands, Duo.