Daneel a multitalented, innovative and dynamic music performer and percussionist.
His unique talent has taken him all over the world, his passion for music makes him produce rhythms and grooves out of everything.
He is an energetic beat creator with a one of a kind live show.

He discovered his talent to create music at the young age of 5 by generating sounds out of any gadget available around him, like kitchen utensils, buckets, car tools…

At the age of 14, he enrolled himself at the Lebanese Higher Conservatory of Music and studied Latin percussion to add the technical know-how to his raw
talent. His performance, true and passionate, professional and fine-tuned, creates amazing vibes that will leave whoever listens hanging on every note.

He stepped into show business at the age of 15 performing at local events.
When he turned 19, he joined the famous Theater “ Music Hall” as a percussionist and soloist from 2008 till 2012. He performed as a percussionist and a soloist at the 2012 Olympics in London. Contributed in “Coke Studio on MBC”, creating music fusions between great Arab and international artists in 2013. He was selected among the Top 5 finalists in the famous TV program “Arabs Got Talent” in 2014. Daneel was also featured as a performing star at “Stars on Board” tour across Europe in October 2015.

He covers many styles of percussion such as Jazz, Latin, Oriental and Flamenco. He performed in various luxurious private events across Lebanon, Europe, UAE, Jordan and Egypt.

He originated a unique style of his own after having performed with many local and international bands and artists.

His ability to create original concepts developed with age and experience. Daneel takes matters to hand by building many personalized music sets:
made out of pipes creating real music notes, out of recycled items and much more.

Daneel offers an added value to the entertainment show business by going the extra mile, he does not only bring a one of a kind, lively and energetic performance to the stage but also creates customized tailor-made concepts that fit your vision and needs for each occasion.

That can include:
A designed show where he creates unique and original themes with a suitable setup.  A fusion show, where Daneel will perform with one or many artists, could be a musician, singer, dancer, each with a different background and attractive character, to spice up the show.

To grow as a true artist, Daneel decided to choose a competent representative of his talent and managed to gather a team of creative minds, producing unique entertainment concepts to cater your every need.

Daneel can be present at your:
– Festivals
– Corporate Events
– Brands and Products activation concept
– Weddings
– Private Celebrations
– Workshops
– Guest Appearance: Since Daneel has created an original line in music performance, he has experimented with various music genres over the years, He will add a twist to your events for famous artists, DJs and bands by being a guest performer.

Daneel has taken his passion and talents to the next level, by producing and recording a track under universal standards in France. Let’s Dom It! an interactive, modern, dancing single track.