Victor is a renowned artist who started his career as a classical painter before joining the entertainment business.

Over the years, he developed several painting techniques to perform on various upscale events across the world.
From Russia to USA, India, China, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Austria, etc; Victor has performed on almost any parts of the globe.

He has worked on many prestigious and upscale events for companies as well as private clients.


*Glue and Glitters painting – Performance time: 6 minutes

Victor paints with glue and at the last minute, he throws glitters on the canva to reveal the portrait, logo or product of the client’s choice. Glitters can be of any colors and the canva can also be of different color.

*Splash painting – Performance time: 5 minutes

Victor throws water and paint on a white blank canva to then reveal one or two portraits or logo of your choice.

*Speed Carving – Performance time: 5 minutes

Victor works on a mixture of cement and plaster to reveal a logo or portrait of your choice as a sculptor would reveal his sculpture.