Moein is the UAE’s best known magician and illusionist. In only a few short years he has established a reputation across the Middle East as a talented and respected magician, illusionist, mentalist, and entertainer. On a regular basis he performs exclusive stage illusion shows in Dubai

In 2016 he saw a rapid rise in popularity after launching his own line of magic products that hit most of UAE toy shops.

In 2017 after a number of successful TV appearances Moein became a TV presenter of a new weekly Arabic show “WWE Wal3ooha” on OSN Sports Action 1 HD.


Moein’s interest in magic goes back to the age of six, when his grandfather performed a coin trick for him. At that very moment the art of magic captured a little boy’s imagination and soul.
Over the years his passion grew, and with support and encouragement from friends and family, Moein continued to pursue his dream of becoming a famous magician.


Prodigious study and communication with older magicians has extended Moein’s understanding over the years.
Extensive reading combined with numerous performances enhanced both his skill and self-confidence.


Moein has solved the inner secrets of stagecraft: the ability to quickly establish and maintain contact with an audience. His performances are all about magical moments which thrill spectators and exceed their expectations.
His unbelievable talent, combined with a natural charm and an undeniable stage presence lead to a magical, mystical performance that shocks and fascinates his audience, leaving them asking for more.