When you incorporate Art into the context of a live event, it becomes a genuinely engaging and stimulating experience for the attendees. A unique event strives to provide memories, which live on across social media platforms, posting and promoting your brand. Live Art activations are shareable, and extend the life of events indefinitely, inspiring creativity, and elevating the brand.

Whether it is a corporate event, brand activation, or a pop-up introducing a new product, Maria can design a unique customer live art experience.

Maria’s 10 years experience as an advertising art director means that she will discover conceptual ideas that incorporate your values — themes, colors, company motto etc.  Maria will generate multiple approaches that will provide a variety of choices.From painting event photo backdrops in perfect scale for portrait images on phone photo ops, to a piece of art that will live forever, which could then be raffled off to an attendee or be gifted to the client. It could be an interactive piece, painted in the outline of the approved design on canvas prior to the event, and completed at the event itself.

A mural that is painted in advance for the event can be printed onto t-shirts and totes that can be given out at the event itself. In addition, Maria will be on site for the grand opening, engaging and painting another piece further drawing people in as they discover the final piece and messaging in real time.

Custom built panels or free standing walls that can be moved about, sculptural pieces, and other immersive experiences using the product (clothing, shoes, bags, etc.) can be created, beyond the typical personalization and customizations offered generally.

Maria is an Afghan-American artist and designer, influenced by Pop culture and iconic imagery. She creates and transforms everything from interior spaces to fashion; all surfaces and forms offer infinite possibilities for exploration.

“The world is my canvas!”