An Artistic and lively dancer with 9 years of professional performance experience within in a broad range of Modern Dance skills and another dance styles.

A Multi-talented dancer familiar with production management and strong choreography skill set with lively entertainment company.



Classical and Modern
Contemporary Dance
Acrobatic Dance Styles
Modern Dance styles


– Ability to develop new versions of existing dance routines.
– Have a good sense of rhythm and timing.
– Ability to work as a soloist or as a part of a group.
– High level of technical proficiency, physical ability, and physical fitness.
– Excellent ability in coordinating body movements.
– Physical fit with good stamina.
– Experience in dancing on film and television shows, theatre productions, and promotional events.
– Fully awareness events of all health and safety requirements.
– Wide knowledge of modern, acrobatic, jazz, hip hop, dance, and classical dance styles.
– Attending a lot of dance competitions.